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Dr Michelle Zandvoort
CPsychol, PsychD, MSc, BSc (Hons)
Specialist Counselling Psychologist
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Some of the therapies we use

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: effective for anxiety and depression and coming to terms with difficult thoughts and feelings (6-12 sessions)

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: especially useful in relapse prevention for depression and addictive behaviour (8-12 sessions)

Compassion-Focussed Therapy: especially useful for people struggling with shame and a negative self-image. (6-32 sessions)

Trauma-Focussed CBT: effective in working with a range of different traumatic experiences (6-12 sessions depending on the extent of the trauma)

Schema Therapy: a structured long-term therapy effective in working with long-standing unhelpful patterns of relating and with personality difficulties (6 months till a year)

Relapse Prevention: effective in relapse prevention for addictions (6-12 sessions)

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy: effective for clients struggling with intense and overwhelming feelings such as Borderline Personality (one to two years)

Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) : effective in alleviating the intensity of trauma memories (6-8 sessions depending on extent of the trauma)

Other models include:

Solution Focused Therapy: a brief therapy that is future-directed aimed at goal setting, identifying a preferred future, identifying times and situations when the difficulty is absent in order to identify what helps and implementing change towards a 'preferred future'.

Brief Psychodynamic Therapy: a brief exploratory therapy that helps a client understand how their past has influenced their present core difficulties and why patterns related to their core difficulties keep repeating themselves. It addresses the psychological strategies (defences) that clients have developed to deal with their core difficulties that they may not be full aware of and that may no longer be helpful. It encourages the free expression of feelings, thoughts and fantasies. For some clients the awareness achieved is sufficient for enabling change.

Family Therapy: informed by systemic therapy that addresses relationship difficulties and helps strengthen helpful patterns of relating and communicating.

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