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Dr Albert Zandvoort
BA, BA Hons, MA, MSc Integrative Psychotherapy, PhD, DLit et Phil, Dip. Clinical Psychotherapy, University Advanced Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Studies & Skills.
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The sudden or longstanding emotional pain caused by psychological problems/trauma can greatly interfere with the quality and enjoyment of your life. For example, you may find yourself unable to feel motivated at work, anxious and depressed, distracted, disappointed in friends and family, angry and envious of others, or self-conscious and unsure of your abilities. These problems do not just show up overnight, are usually not caused by one thing, and may require longer and in-depth treatment.

While we would expect some relief of symptoms after a few sessions, engaging in a treatment that will explore and work through the root causes of psychological problems is the pathway towards lasting change. This is the basis of sound psychotherapy. As you get to know yourself and your behavioural patterns, you will be able to feel more in control and may move towards living a fuller and more satisfying life.

At the Professional Psychology Practice, we offer psychotherapy in order to deal with painful emotions and to resolve disabling psychological problems.

We also strive to offer you a holistic approach and we therefore combine a full range of psychological, psychotherapeutic and pharmacological treatments for individuals, couples and families.

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