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Dr Albert Zandvoort
BA, BA Hons, MA, MSc Integrative Psychotherapy, PhD, DLit et Phil, Dip. Clinical Psychotherapy, University Advanced Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Studies & Skills.
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Conducting Workplace Stress Risk Assessments

Workplace Stress occurs when the demands of the job and the working environment of a person exceed their capacity to meet them. Occupational stress affects productivity, absenteeism, accidents, staff turnover, and health related illness. A stress risk assessment/audit provides a structured method for identifying major sources of stress in the workplace.

We utilise sophisticated psychometric instruments to gather information on work situations that often result in psychological stress. Analysis of the data can help identify sources of occupational stress for groups of employees and allow for comparisons of stress levels among employees in different departments or divisions.

Once the sources of stress are identified, changes in the work environment and other interventions to reduce stress can be developed and implemented.

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